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NARI Needs

You Can Help Our Chapter Recruit Trade Partners

NARI Metro DC is recruiting Trade Partners to help our remodelers build their teams. Our members benefit when we grow our membership.


Trade Partnerships Help Everyone

We want NARI Metro DC members to have access to the most qualified Trade Partners and NARI membership is the first step. The whole Chapter will thank you!

Over the last few months, we’ve heard from several of you that your businesses are getting back to normal and the skilled labor shortage makes it difficult to find the trade partners you need to keep up with project demands….and NARI wants to help.  We have launched our NARI Needs campaign with the goal to fill our member directory with a wide range of specialty trade professionals and we are relying on you, our members, to help!

Why Participate in NARI Needs?

Let NARI Metro DC Executive Director Angela Hubbard explain why.

Your Trade Partners Will Thank You

Many of your Trade Partners may not be aware of our Chapter and all that NARI has to offer. Invite Trade Partners to an event and they’ll thank you when they see all that membership has to offer. Be sure to tell them about the ways NARI has helped you grow your business.

Educational Opportunities
Business Development
What’s in it for you?

A stronger network of great Trade Partners, a stronger NARI Chapter and the opportunity to win a few great prizes!

The membership committee has issued a challenge for all members to refer at least two Trade Partners. So, what are you waiting for…NARI Needs You!

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